Shattered Reflections


Calligraphing en l' air #6

Like billowing branches

In a thundering tempest


Back and forth

Going nowhere

My senses numbed

I scream louder and louder

The pain ripping into

The flesh of my throat

Clasping, gasping for harmony

My screams trail off

To nowhere

I sit up and turn on the light

Questions howling at my thoughts

No gentle whispers in the raging ponderings

My hair whisked

Around my sweat-streaked face

Fear pressed in close

My lifeblood  pouring from my




The storm ascended

Following a time of eerie stillness and foreboding gray skies.

The wind is so fierce that I don’t know if I can stay standing

My body battered from the swaying branches.

I long for a fortress

From the taunting roars

The shattered reflections

The echoed breaths of – my home


“There is no faithfulness, no love, no acknowledgment of pain.”

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Shades of Danger & Adventure

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“There were many shades in the danger of adventures and gales, most of which were exhilarating and golden. It is only now and then that there appears on the face of facts a sinister violence of intention- that indefinable something which forces it upon the mind and the heart. It is this complication of incidents, or these elemental furies are coming at me with a purpose of malice, with a strength beyond control, with an unbridled cruelty. And this means it tears out my hope and passion. MY pain of fatigue and longing for rest targets destruction annihilates all I can see, known, loved, enjoyed, or hated; all that is priceless and necessary- the sunshine, the memories, the future. My precious world as I knew it sweeps utterly away from my sight, further and further as each day goes by, it’s simply an appalling act of losing my life.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 9.44.23 a.m..png

adapted  Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim 

artist: John Lijo Bluefish

Heart’s Rhythm


Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 9.31.20 p.m.I could see no images only shades of light
I spread my arms out over the abyss
wanting to breathe,
my heart’s rhythm was so slow
I couldn’t find my breath
there was no need to inhale
my soul on the edge of the abyss
strands of obscure light from the heart of the earth
reached out and attached to my skin hugging me
I embraced the powerful draw of the abyss
the light fading and dying, I looked up and saw nothing



Do You See


In this time of turmoil and despair——it’s difficult to figure out what to do and how to react in what seems to be a darkening, “widening gyre” of circumstances. But I am hoping that this challenge, as bleak as it may be, will drive me to thrive and live a complete and happy life.

“If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment,” wrote Henry David Thoreau. Indeed, my compensation comes in the form of poetry and blogging, despite what dire circumstances it sprouts from, it still reaches toward solace, a place of transcendence and honesty. And I hope it inspires others going through turbulent times. Each word on a page  works the bugs out of my inner ferment.  It could do the same for you so go on give writing a chance and who knows hopefully your pages will be your consolation as well.

“Do You See” – A Poem to KBC Bank Ireland

Do you see
what you do to me
every time
my voice is discounted

A saddened world evolves
into a violent universe
tossing me ever which way
not knowing where I will land

I want to show you
what goes through my mind
as I watch my world fall apart
as I spin into orbit
my creation cast away

KBC Bank This is my Voice – Up Date

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Where the wind don’t blow


My home is a place where the wind don’t blow. My heart rests in the place where the wind don’t blow. Strange place a home, strange place where gentleness calms the wind, its a point on a bleak horizon. How can my home be this way – most priceless- yet most defenceless – most valuable -yet most valueless – most welcoming- -yet most forbidding. Tread softly – the walls breathe peace, deep, dark peace, and where the wind don’t blow.

KBC Bank This is my Voice – Up Date

The Whole of Life


Lightning flashed, blinded my trusting eyes.
Thunder ravaged my soul and forced out my cries.

Deadly winds ripped me all apart.
Tears like monsoon rains that flooded my heart.

Dark clouds ever-present in turbulent air, now
brightened in the curve of a rainbow.

The Storm passed, the ravaged debris yesterday’s view,
as the sun’s rays now light down a new path for me.

It’s a path on which I can feel the softness of the grass creeping through the cracks. Free from the solitude of despair, I can once again tune back into my love of dogs, this time with my  two babes Olliepop and DianaRoss.

In their mystery, filled with joy that strikes like happiness lightning, liberated from the tuneless and crippling feelings that have haunted my life for far too long I cuddle them lovingly.

Olliepop & four week old DianaRoss.
Olliepop & eight week old DianaRoss.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Roger Caras (photographer and writer)

No More Crazy Day’s with You

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 15.41.13

“For the last couple of years I have been in a tumble dry cycle – hurled around, hitting against the sides of drum, erratically lacerated, mangled, being knocked and jolted about some more, not knowing how bloody long the cycle would continue for or where the next blow would come from. Then suddenly, intermittently, the cycle stops. I violently jolt to a screaming halt…………. I am knocked senseless by it; the trauma is so great, it’s unrelenting.

Thank you all for following Poetry on Life’s Journey. For giving me the inspiration to keep going.xx

Finally the court case took place and was settled, I am so satisfied I finally feel vindicated and validated.

Here is a video made up with words from my poems. 

This is the first Poem I wrote after the break up.

Only Love

It began as a love story

Crazy days of faith, love and passion

We grew so close so fast
You said we were soul mates for life
I lost my world to you
I trusted you with my deepest thoughts
Most intimate moments
My future
Our future
Bonded in the ebbs and flows
We would make it together

As days became a lifetime

Unwavering faith
In the chorus of warnings
I battled your place with me
Bold and revolutionary
No one would take this away from us

But then you did
You took it away
Without a word
You left me in a haze
Took my breath away
Your force so strong
Chaos controlled my mind
The lie so real
My passion abused
Reckless abandonment
My faith, my love
You did not face me
You left me with nothing
My life shattered

I wonder through my Art
A part of my life
For the delights and hopes of life
Seeing in them memories of intimate times
Calming my fears, my sadness
Evoking as only art can do
The spirit in me to live again
Desperate to know
I got lost in your deceit
In your fucked up mind
You hunted me down
And played me as a game
You ripped me apart
You crushed my soul,

I sit at my desk and find my dignity
My strength
But only for a moment


I want to scream..

All I want to do is scream
I want my anger to go away
its like a blazing flame
I want my despair to leave me
I am drowning in pain
I want my sanity back
I don’t know where to find it

So as I sum this up
Go listen to our song
Remember in your heart
I gave you my heart and soul, my mind and body
My life
I believed in you
I am wishing for you to stay strong
Wish upon every star you see
And if its meant to be it will come true…
No more Crazy Days with You’

Life & Poetry

Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Beyond Sunset and Sunrise
Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Beyond Sunset and Sunrise

I felt my world unfolding
So confused
What was true?
What was right?
It was like a tsunami
Ripped through my life
I was drowning from the destruction
I found the way to save myself
I found the rock, the branch, to cling onto
To pull myself away
From the Ghost of the relationship
From the debris of

I will not let go
My freedom to write about
The life that nearly ended mine
Beyond Sunset and Sunrise this
Is a fight I will never give up

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Adam Martinakis
Adam Martinakis

The Day the Earth Stood Still –
With no warning
October 10th 2012

With a lawyers letter

I was overpowered and alienated.

We kissed
We lost our heart and soul
To each other
I took you deep inside me
I was yours
I felt your lips on my skin
We shuddered
Our lives turned upside down

We never said goodbye
You stood
Detached from that pain
You strangled me
You lanced my heart
Left me alone to live
You always said
I will be with you when your world stands still
It hurts
It’s hopeless as I don’t understand
The lie

I can’t move on
I can’t tell you what it really is,
I can only tell you what it is
right now, it’s as close as it gets
to the earth standing still

Only you can let me go

I ask

Search deeply within your soul
Hold me inside with you.
End the desolation
Save our love as real
Echoes of wonderful memories
Essence of our anticipation
Let’s hold onto the memory of our passion
I don’t care that you lied
All I care is
Why you lied

I agonise
Why you held me tight against your soul
And carried me way above my world
Why when I was going you said;
“Wait, where you going?”
“I’m leaving you;” “no, your not, your never leaving me.
We are never going to be apart.” you pleaded.
Come back, we kept running right back, here we go again

Now looking back
It was so insane, ’cause when it was at its best or worst
We engulfed each other
You were my Superman with the wind at our back

Brutally abandoned for
The secret; the alien force
Your soul detached in the end from the devastation by the lie?