I listen to our song
‘Stumbling In’
And wonder why your
reckless thoughts are following me?
I’m missing you.
My feelings are so complicated,
The ambiguity of powerlessness
My identity commodified
The fetish heightened
In this hollow place.
You’ve played this game before.
I hurt from longing
For that which I can’t measure.
All that I ever wanted warped in total chaos.
This love haunting, the strangest feeling yet.
I should have read the signs
It was to easy.
I didn’t expect it, just one look and
Before we even spoke,
Our destiny was determined.
It was just you and me.
No ordinary love,
Nothing I wouldn’t do,
Nothing you didn’t want,
Nothing you didn’t do.

Darling, I have no story to be told.
Think of me in the depths of your despair
How you shut me out.
Was it worth it – to protect your story?
I was passionate for you.
I gave you way to much
My soul,
So I take blame
Now that’s all we share,
A blame of profound dissolution.
It’s my life
Don’t you forget
It’s my life