Naked Truth

When the truth is bleak undress the sugar coated words and see the naked truth.
I write those words, and you know I die but I’ve died so often now.
Patricia Standing - Nick Miller.
Patricia Standing – Nick Miller.

This is a watercolor painted in 2005 by Irish artist Nick Miller. It was exhibited at the Rubicon Gallery in 2006 as part of the Standing, Sitting, Lying exhibition of nudes by the artist.

Taken from an article  Irish Independent:  “I knew his portrait would be more abstract than glamorous and I liked that. It was also a great way to see exactly how an artist works.”


Micro Poetry


Micropoetry is a genre of poetic verse which is characterized by its extreme brevity. In other words, a micropoem is a short poem.

Micropoetry is a collective term for a variety of different forms of short poetry. As a poetic artform, it doesn’t really have any rules. Although it does consists of certain forms of short poetry with fixed rules such as haiku, tanka, senryu and gogyohka. There are also no real character length limitations either. The limits are set by the medium with which they are being shared, and also that invisible line where micropoetry becomes a regular length poem.

I have listed a number of such poems under this category.

Hazy Glance

all consuming
all consuming

A hot summers day
Hazy glance thought the window
I lived my life for him, with him
He was all consuming
I was finding it harder and harder to cope
I pleaded
“i can’t cope anymore with all the lies, your overwhelming intensity, your needs, the sex, i feel i am losing my life.”
“i need to try and find my feet again and my life. what do we do if we continue, it can’t continue like this.”
He said “you will attempt suicide over me, stay with me” “we should die rather than not be together.”