When I was not looking.

You knocked
I opened the door, in you came.
At first you felt safe
as you settled in, familiarised yourself
with my space
with my most intimate belongings.
Then you slowly but determinedly vandalised my space.
I asked you to stop, to leave.
Each time you went out the front door
you insidiously returned when I was not looking
through the back door

You burglarised my heart, my soul, my mind.
Your lies and deception became my superglue
You knew it and you abused it.
I wasn’t swift enough to get away.

At first we were easy, as time went on
a knot formed in my stomach.
Tightening and tightening
I never knew what was next.
You locked me into your deception.
Fierce enough to keep me where you wanted
As you wanted.
You walked away no better than a con-artist
A thief
A thief of my heart, my soul, my mind
You know what you did

Now I see it clearly
I will take you on
As I find my feet again
And regain my space
My resolve
To face you in a court of law
To challenge your abuse of my soul and mind.