The Day the Earth Stood Still


The Day the Earth Stood Still
With no warning
October 10th 2012

I was overpowered and alienated.
But then how can I expect anyone to understand.

We kissed
We lost our heart and soul
To each other
I took you deep inside me
I was yours
I felt your lips on my skin
We shuddered
Our lives turned upside down

We never said goodbye
You stood
Detached from that pain
You strangled me
You lanced my heart
Left me alone to live
You always said
I will be with you when your world stands still
It hurts
It’s hopeless as I don’t understand
The lie

I can’t move on
I can’t tell you what it really is,
I can only tell you what it is
right now, it’s as close as you get
to my earth standing still

Only you can let me go
I ask: search deeply within your soul and hear me;
Speak to me
Hold me inside with you
End the journey
But save our love
The echoes of wonderful memories
The essence of our anticipation
Let’s hold onto our passion
I don’t care that you lied
Right now all I care is
Why you lied
I agonise
Why you held me tight against your soul
And carried me way above my world
Why when I was going you said;
Wait, where you going?
I’m leaving you; no, your not, your never leaving me
We are never going to be apart you swore,
Come back, we kept running right back, here we go again
Now looking back
It was so insane, ’cause when it was at its best or worst
We engulfed each other
You were my Superman with the wind at our back
I don’t care right know that you lied
What hurts is why
The secret; the alien force
That detached you in the end from the pain of being honest?