So tell me What?


All along it was a frenzy of passion. You dared me to come deeper and closer; I surrendered and gave it all.

Its funny you are the troubled one but I am the one that needs saving. I know that terrifies you and its hard to know which one of us is cracking.

You abandoned the protection so now we suffer annihilation. To shut us out without that thought, makes me wonder what we were all about? The hurt goes round and round and round. I can’t stop the swirling.
The sweat of fear at night, I long for your feelings.

So now this Christmas Eve, I wonder how it all happened? You dared me, you embraced me, and you bluffed me.  So tell me what it was all about? Why did you strip me bare, for what satisfaction?

The sweat of fear continues, the hurt goes round and round, the only break is when I am in a drunken haze. So today, tomorrow, next week, how do I get away from this frenzy of passion that haunts my every waking moment?