Believening – Just Stop

20121209-130626.jpgOh – my pinstriped suit of elegance
I struggle each day just to feel alright
Remembering how to put back the light in my eyes
Oh – the kiss
You stole my soul
A lamb to slaughter
I can’t ever take one more step towards you
Cause all that’s waiting are more regrets
You lost the love you had the most
Tearing love apart
Leaving scars

My heart pounding as I hear your hunters call
I follow the trail of crumbs
Full of
Lies and pain
Knowing, you have the power to hurt me
Over and over again
I am crying
I am screaming

I want to tell you mostly
Devastated that I’m so afraid of everything
Devastated by the chaos
The violation
Drunk in my devastation
I walk a lonely road
All knowing
But not really knowing

My mind attempts to heal
The scars push me down
I try to loosen the knot
It’s to tight
In my lonely place
In my head
I build a haven, a place to live
A respite
From the ghost of deviance
From the hurt
From the fall so deep
From the pain so Raw
My life so lost
No matter how the day ends
I don’t feel safe anymore

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