Freedom of Flight

Sophie Iremonger, Welcome to my pleasure dome.
Sophie Iremonger, Welcome to my pleasure dome.

Silver winged of steel
Buckled up
Cocooned in a cabin
No phones, no emails, no Internet
Racing down the runway
Soaring high above the ground
Distant specks of life
Winged of steel climbs though the skies
Clouds below, clouds above
Seat reclines, put in my earphones, close my eyes
I lose myself, soothed by the motion of the flight
Just a seat, a window, sky, music
Suspended, moving above the earth
Windswept heights
Countries, oceans, mountains, forests
Dawn to dusk
Smooth and turbulent
Dancing through life’s path in the skies
My breath of Serenity

Silence of the Lane

The dogs chasing the late autumn leaves
Fluttering down the lane way
The sound of the train as it passes by
Peaceful afternoon walk
The cottage walls and porches

Image Patricia Tsouros
Image Patricia Tsouros

Flourish of colour
Enwreathed with ivy green
Bellflowers, hollyhocks, hydrangea
Scents of lavender and sage
Memories of childhood days
Visiting grandparents cottages
One in the Irish Wicklow mountains
The other in the suburbs of Athens city
The free flowing sound of the river
Smoke billowing from chimneys
The cottages have no pretense or grandeur
Just a sanctuary of comfort in the silence of the lane
Reaching the darkest corner of the soul

The Pain of Abuse – Bound in your Secret

photo Anja Niemi
I couldn’t be around you without feeling
as if my world was crashing down.
Twice I walked away but you kept
holding onto me.
Your love dominating,
controlling, and reckless.

For us both ‘WE’ became an addiction.
Our physical connection creating a real
emotional entanglement.
The intimacy escalated not with your love
and respect rather with your insatiable sexual
desires and deceit.
You came closer to me than anyone ever had.
To say that we were totally engaged,
consumed with each other would gravely understate
what you did not only to my body, but also to my soul.
It was a crazy love.

When your presence met mine
I’d forgotten the meaning of peace of mind.
Self-respect had flown away, integrity fallen by the wayside.
I didn’t know who I was with you.
I didn’t know who I was without you.
Yet, I couldn’t leave…
Even though deep in my unconscious I knew ‘WE’ were wrong.
My addiction wouldn’t let me go, your addiction wouldn’t let me go.
And I stayed…
Your behavior came so close to crushing my spirit, my will to live.
In your compulsion to protect your deception you abandoned me,
my life hanging on by a thread, I could not sleep or eat, I could not breathe.
It was like being in a coma that I was fighting to survive.
With intensive professional help
I was forced out of the coma. I survived.

Now I see
I stayed, not because I loved you
I stayed because I didn’t love me.
Passion kept me bound.
Truth be told, to be totally honest
I stayed out of fear, fear of missing the passion.
But now I know I’d rather be alone… than
shackled by the anguish and drama you swore was love.
As the synapses of my brain reconnect,
the evidence of controlling emotional abuse,
of possessive manipulation, overwhelms my mind and body.
I see now I wasn’t built, wasn’t ready to understand
your type of love.
I can’t deal, can’t bear, don’t deserve,
your emotional betrayal and abuse.
I have kept your secret for you to tell.
A secret I will never betray.
Now no longer together
locked in by your silence,
perpetuating the manipulation,
forever destined in your secret,
your abuse continues.

When you Step on my Dreams


When you step on my dreams
There will be days like these

In the depth of the night
I feel your hand embrace my neck
Stroke my back
Your loving arms secure me
You take my hand in yours
You whisper in my ear
I am here with you
I won’t let you die
I roll over
Open my eyes
I am alone

I want the world to know
To know
The empty promises you made
I am not afraid to bare my scares
I am heartbroken
Not by the end of us
Heartbroken by the deception
Heartbroken by the illusion of the impossible
How you lead me to believe
With words and love
That you were all I needed
That I was all you wanted
Broken trust and broken faith
Betrayed in the hardest way

I know today
I have a rocky road to walk
I am not afraid to tell the world
You hurt me through and through
I to destroyed so many trusts
You had my soul
I feel no shame in
Telling all
The rocky road ahead
I will walk with
My head held high
My intellect intact
If not my soul
My vulnerability there for all to see
My weakness and your strength
A vulnerability captured in destruction
Caught up in confusion

In the depth of the night
I feel your lips on mine
I am wrapped in your embrace
You whisper
I love you
I will catch you
When you fall
I open my eyes
I am alone

When you step on my dreams
There will be days like these