Blood Stain

Your kiss touched my soul
Your breath my oxygen
Your touch my spirit
Your words my sanity

You looked into my eyes
found my heart
my dreams
Your seduction powerful
wrapped up in a beautiful illusion of love

The scar runs so deep
a scratch rushes
blood to the surface
my veins thumping in pain
I wake to the darkness of my mind

My mind mangled in the pain
In savage deceit

I did a dangerous thing
I let you in
exposed my vulnerability
and you devoured me
In moments you broke me down
You watched me lose my senses
lose control
lose my mind
All in the fantasy of your life

Lies and pain
Little did I know
with every beautiful kiss
your breath filling me
with carbon dioxide
My mind and body contaminated
struggling to feel
the rush of air to my lungs
to stay alive.

The scare of my bloodstained soul forever gaping

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